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Revised 7/2/2021





The purpose of this document is to ensure the AA Traditions remain the top priority for the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. While of interest to all members of the Group, these Guidelines are particularly arranged to facilitate use by the Trusted Servants of the Group. This is a living document that is approved and amended by group vote. It is not intended to unduly restrict the discretion of the Group’s Trusted Servants in meeting unique or unusual situations. By the same token, however, these procedures do reflect the Group Conscience and are based upon proven Traditions and Principles. Therefore, permanent policy changes should be made only with the approval of Group Membership.

Table of Contents


MEETING FORMAT                                                                                                             


TRUSTED SERVANT GUIDELINES                                                                                     


GROUP CONSCIENCE MEETING                                                                                        




GROUP POLICY, TRADITIONS AND BASIC PRINCIPLES                                                 


AMENDMENTS - CHANGE CONTROL AND RESCINDMENT                                           




Meeting Format


1.             Welcome to today’s meeting of the Lakeside group of Alcoholics Anonymous, my name is ________________, and I am an alcoholic.

2.             Let us open the meeting with a moment of silence for the alcoholic who still suffers, followed by the Serenity Prayer:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

3.             [A.A. Preamble]

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of people (men and women) who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership; we are self- supporting through our own contributions. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization, or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

4.             I have asked _______________ to read “How it Works” from Chapter 5 of the A.A. Big Book.

5.             I have asked _______________ to read the Twelve Traditions.

6.             This is a/an 12x12 study, Birthday, Topic, Open Discussion, Big Book study, Traditions study, Men’s, Women’s, open/closed meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are glad you are all here – especially visitors and newcomers. In keeping with our singleness of purpose and our Third Tradition which states that “The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking,” we ask that all who participate confine their discussion to their problems with alcohol.

7.             Are there any visitors or newcomers who would like to be recognized, please introduce yourself?

8.             If you are not sure that you are alcoholic or not, one of us would be happy to visit with you at the end of the meeting to help you understand.

9.             If you are available to sponsor or are willing to speak with a newcomer after the meeting, please raise your hand so new members may reach out. 

10.         We ask that all who share, to please limit their discussion to 3-5 minutes to allow more members the opportunity to share. 

11.         Does anyone have a topic they would like to discuss today? (The chairperson is to be ready with a topic.)


Towards the end of the meeting the meeting 

In observance of the 7th tradition, which states “Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.”


Close the meeting

1.             I have asked ______________ to offer chips to celebrate various lengths of sobriety under a year. (After chips are presented the chair will announce that “We celebrate annual birthdays on the last Friday of the month at 12:00 pm”).

2.             The Group Conscience meets the first Thursday of the month at 7.45pm. Does anyone have any A.A. related announcements?

3.             I have asked ______________ to read the “A.A. Promises”.

4.             Please Read

“I am responsible…when anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help; I want the hand of A.A. always to be there; And for that, I am responsible.”

5.             Lord’s Prayer

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses. As we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. For Thine is the Kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.



Seventh Tradition Procedure


Count the money received and record the information on the envelope. The envelope is to be placed in the safe.


Please do this after the meeting has concluded so as not to be disruptive.




 DATE                                                          _________________

 MEETING DAY                                       _________________

7th TRADITION                                      _________________

 Chairperson                                           _________________

Number in attendance                     __________________




Trusted Servants 


All Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous Trusted Servants are to maintain continuous sobriety for the position they serve, be active and good standing members of the Lakeside Group of AA and enthusiastically work the program of recovery including sponsorship and service to other alcoholics.


Trusted Servant Positions


This list is current as of August 2021 October 2019 through September 2020. During the August Group Conscience nominations will be presented. During the September Group Conscience elections will be held.




(Please write name if interested)


●      1-year position

●      Minimum 1 year of sobriety

●      Ideally has previously held office position

●      Chairs monthly Group Conscience meeting

●      Coordinates activities with other group officers and all other members who assume responsibility to the group for vital functions



●      1-year position

●      Minimum 1 year of sobriety

●      Maintains minutes of the Group Conscience meetings

●      Reads minutes at Group Conscience meetings

●      Maintains Trusted Servant email and phone listing



●      2-year position

●      Minimum 2 years of sobriety

●      Maintains records of group bank accounts

●      Keeps group informed about how much money is taken in and how it is spent, i.e. pays rent

●      Sends designated contributions

●      Gives report at Group Conscience meetings


Assistant Treasurer:

●      2-year position

●      Minimum 2 years of sobriety

●      May fulfill duties of the Treasurer

as needed


Supply Representative:

●      1-year position

●      Minimum 3 months of sobriety

●       Keeps and maintains supplies needed for the group, i.e. coffee, creamer, sugar etc.


Birthday Coordinator:

●      1-year position

●      Minimum 3 months of sobriety

●      Coordinates birthday activities

●      Keeps track of monthly birthdays for the group and prepares chips

●      Makes sure there is a chairperson for birthday meeting



Literature Representative:


Facility Church Liaison:


General Service Representative:

●      2-year position (2020 new term)

●      Minimum 1 year of sobriety

●      Represents group at district meetings and area assemblies

●      Keeps group informed about general service activities in our local area

●      Receives and shared mail from GSO

●      (See GSR booklet for detailed description)

Position filled until 2022 2020

General Service Representative Alternate:

●      2-year position (2020 new term)

●      Minimum 6 months of sobriety

●      Share in responsibilities of GSR listed above

Position filled until 2022 2020

Intergroup Representative:

●      1-year position 

●      Minimum 1 year of sobriety

●      Participates in the group’s central office business meetings with other intergroup representatives to share their group’s experience in carrying the message

●      Keeps group informed about local intergroup information and activities


Intergroup Representative Alternate:



Speaker Seeker:

●      1-year position 

●      Minimum 6 months of sobriety

●      Responsible for “booking” speakers for the Friday night meetings

●      Confirm the speaker and that the Friday meeting has a chairperson.



  •  1-year position 

  • Minimum 1 year of sobriety

  • P.I. - Public Information

  • work with the local intergroup,district or area P.I. committee to carry the A.A. message locally.

  • inform the home group of local activity and arrange for group

volunteers to participate in P.I. programs requested by schools, businesses, law enforcement agencies and other organizations interested in the A.A.

approach to recovery from alcoholism.

  • C.P.C. - Cooperation with the Professional Community

  • work with their local intergroup, district or area C.P.C. committees, focus on cooperation but not affiliation with professionals in the community —

educators, physicians, the clergy, court officials and

others who often are in contact with active alcoholics. 

  • keep the home group informed of area

C.P.C. activities and, when appropriate, arrange for group volunteers to join together in carrying the

A.A. message at professional meetings, seminars, and more. 




  • 1-year position 

  • Minimum 1 year of sobriety

  • take part in local intergroup, district or area corrections committee meetings. 

  • keep the home group informed about local Twelfth Step activities in nearby institutions and encourage group members to participate.

  • take A.A. meetings into prisons and jails, where allowed by the correctional facility, to help alcoholic inmates recover and prepare for sober, fulfilling lives after release.




  • 1-year position 

  • Minimum 1 year of sobriety

  • work with the local intergroup, district or area treatment committee.

  •  share this vital service work with home group members and encourage them to join in this responsibility.

  • work to help hospital and treatment center staffs better understand A.A., and to take the A.A. tools of recovery to alcoholics in treatment.





Group Conscience Meeting




During the Group Conscience Meetings, the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous decides and votes on various issues and procedures relating to how the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous functions. 




  1. Steering Committee members are expected to actively participate in as many Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous functions as practicable and keep abreast of current issues, discussions and/or problems, and particularly those that may require a decision by vote.


  1. Each member of the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous is encouraged to attend all Group Conscience Meetings, unless illness or some prior commitment prevails


  1. A Group Conscience Meeting quorum consists of those members present at the meeting.


Time and Place:


The Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous monthly Group Conscience Meetings are held in the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous meeting room in accordance with the following schedule:


  1. Group Conscience Meetings are normally held on the first (1) Thursday of each month. 

  2. The Chairperson may call a special Group Conscience Meeting whenever an issue arises in which, in his/her judgment, it should not be deferred until the next scheduled meeting (as required).






The Chairperson makes the detailed agenda and conducts the meeting. All Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous members are invited to attend. 




The Chairperson conducts the meeting along the lines of the following format:


  1. The Chairperson (Or GSR if the Chairperson is not available), opens the meeting with the Serenity Prayer, and asks a member to read the 12 Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

  2. The Secretary will read the minutes from the previous Group Conscience Meeting, 

  3. Formal approval of the minutes of the last Group Conscience Meeting. Motion for approval, seconding, discussion, if any and voice vote approval.

  4. Trusted Servants give their reports

  5. Old Business Discussed

  6. New Business Discussed



Old Business: 


This agenda item is appropriate only if there are unresolved issues held over from the last meeting. If this is the case, it marks the point on the agenda where the discussion and voting commence. The Chairperson opens this portion of the meeting, or the “New Business” agenda items if there is no “Old Business”, with a few reminders on discussion and voting procedures such as:


  • Discussion limitations: due to a combination of time constraints, length of agenda, etc., it may be necessary to limit discussion on individual items. When such time limitations are necessary, the Chair should announce them prior to each discussion item.

  • Repeated interruptions of uncontrolled cross talk can completely disrupt and delay the meeting. The Chairperson should mention this prior to opening the discussion, and then reinforce the accepted tradition that comments be restricted to those recognized by the Chair.

  • A standard procedure for leading into a discussion requires that a member must introduce a motion for consideration; this would be followed by a “second” at which point, the Chairperson would call for a discussion. Upon completion of the discussion, due to either having fully explored the subject or reached the time limitations, the Chairperson should call for the “question (vote) at which time the Members initiate the voting procedure. 

  • During the course of a discussion, variations of the original motion may appear desirable and a “substitute motion” may be introduced. When this occurs, the usual procedure is for the one proposing the original motion to withdraw or amend his/her motion, assuming the concurrence in the substitute motion and then vote on the substitute motion.


Although the above procedures are patterned after “Roberts Rules of Parliamentary Procedures” they are intended only as suggested guidelines. We are an informal Fellowship, and as such, deviations from formal procedures may not only be acceptable, but in fact, desirable.


New Business:


Normally this agenda item will be the most time consuming. Discussion items might arbitrarily be classified into three categories:


  1. Items which the Chairperson, by virtue of the office, having been able to identify as of paramount group interest, and have included in the prepared agenda.

  2. Items which members of the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous have submitted in advance to the Chairperson and which can be included in the advance agenda.

  3. Unplanned items which come to light during the meeting and are determined to be of great importance.

  4. A Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous member having strong convictions on an issue may present it personally. The Steering committee establishes its place on the agenda or defers it until the next meeting if higher priority items prevail.


Prior to a vote, all new business shall be posted on the notice board and website of the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous for a period of three weeks (3) weeks, or as soon as possible after the Group Conscience to satisfy the intent of an informed group conscience.


Voting Procedures:


The vote may be either/or by secret ballot (written) or public (voice or show of hands) at the discretion of the Chairperson and the members of the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous . When issues are non-controversial, and do not directly involve personalities, a public vote may be preferable in the interest of conserving time. However, if there is any doubt that a public vote may cause embarrassment or divert voters from their convictions, then a secret ballot would a better choice. 


Voting Guidelines:


The vote is an attempt to measure the “Group Conscience” with respect to the issue at hand. It is not a perfect yardstick and the following guidelines are suggested:

  1. All Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous members are encouraged to vote on each issue. It is recognized that there may be a time when a member honestly cannot decide on a particular item and elects to abstain from voting. It is hoped that this would be a rare occurrence.

  2. Unanimity of opinion—It is desirable to have unanimity of opinion reflected in each vote taken, particularly on the more significant issues. This does not necessarily mean a unanimous vote, but does imply a rather significant margin separating the pros from the cons. Although a majority vote prevails, the minority opinions should be noted and recognized.

  3. Any Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous member can move to table a motion and if the motion carries, hopefully, a solution acceptable to both sides could be worked out at the next meeting.




There being no further new business, a motion to adjourn is in order. A member must make a motion to adjourn the motion must be seconded and carried.




General Annual Election Meeting


The Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous General Elections take place annually on the first Thursday of September for annual positions and the first Thursday of March for 6-month positions. The Chairperson conducts all elections.




Post notices of the meeting on the group website one month in advance; notify all Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous members by general announcement approximately two weeks (or more) before all meetings.


Members Availability for Office:


It seems appropriate and highly desirable for the Chairperson to “sound out” and encourage eligible and well-qualified members to make themselves available for one or more of the various offices prior to the Election Meeting. Election to one (1) position automatically eliminates the availability for another position.


Group members are encouraged to make known their availability for office prior to the Election Meeting. There are many advantages in knowing the identity of available candidates early, particularly since it permits the voting members to weigh their qualifications in a timely and orderly manner, rather than make snap judgments during the meeting. In no sense is this to be considered an encouragement for available members to conduct any campaign—there is no room for politicking in the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous .


If there is still no available candidate, the incumbent Trusted Servant may declare his/her availability for a second term and is automatically a candidate. If the incumbent fails to be re-elected, then the position is to be filled by the Chairperson.


Conduct of the Meeting:


  1. The Chairperson opens the meeting, states its primary purpose, and briefly summarizes the group activities over the past year. 

  2. Treasure makes a brief summary type Annual Financial Report and submits a detailed written report.

  3. The Chairperson’s role during the actual election procedure is in one sense perfunctory in that his/her role is to ensure adherence to adopted guidelines with respect to voting rights, procedures, eligibility, etc. 

  4. After the elections have concluded, the outgoing Chairperson should request that the outgoing and incoming trusted servants meet and discuss duties and responsibilities of the positions to ensure a smooth transition. 

  5. The Chairperson does make generic remarks and recommendations concerning the importance of the office being voted on, eligibility requirements and other desirable qualifications, and is also expected to urge qualified people to make themselves available. 

  6. Only members of the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous are entitled to vote during elections. There is no requirement as to length of sobriety for eligibility to vote.

  7. The Chairperson proceeds with the election of the new Trusted Servants as follows:              

  1. Remarks by the Chairperson concerning the importance of the office, required and desirable qualifications, etc.            

  2. After the election of the new Chairperson, the outgoing Chairperson continues to preside as Chairperson of the meeting and proceeds with the election of Trusted Servants in the following order.

  1. Chairperson

  2. General Service Representative. (GSR)

  3. Alternate GSR

  4. Treasurer

  5. Alternate Treasurer

  6. Secretary

  7. Intergroup Delegate

  8. Alternate Intergroup Delegate

  9. Literature person

  10. Birthday person

  11. Speaker Seeker

  12. Supply Person

  13. Church Liaison Building Owner Liaison

Facility Liason

  1. Service Coordinator

                        xiv.)    P.I./C.P.C.

                        xv.)     Corrections

                        xvi.)    Treatment















The Traditions and Principles stated in this section are of broad policy nature and serve as the foundation on which other traditional procedures of the Group’s operations have been based. 






To be eligible for election or appointment all members should meet certain minimum requirements as to length of continuous sobriety and active membership in Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. Incumbent members will assist the newly elected person to help them get familiar with the position’s responsibilities.


Relationship of Individual meetings and the Group as a Whole:


There have been many misunderstandings about this, but it is not true that each meeting can make up their individual minds as to how they want to run their meeting. All meetings are governed, so to speak, by the decisions of the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous and therefore, anything that might in any way affect our Group as a whole needs to be brought to the attention of the Chairperson. We are not individual meetings but are conducted under one overall Group. ALL deviations from the general group format should be cleared through the Group Conscience and/or Steering Committee.


Financial Support of GSO, Dallas Intergroup (Central Office). and Area Committee


The Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous maintains a $1000.00[MC6]  $4000 prudent reserve. Enough to cover expenses is removed monthly from our 7th Tradition contributions, provided we are above our prudent reserve. The remaining funds are distributed quarterly as follows: 40-25-25-10 to the Dallas Intergroup, District 22, NETA Area 65, and the GSO NY Central Office. [7] 


Steering Committee


The Steering Committee constitutes an informed Group Conscience which decides and votes on various issues and procedures relating to the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. On major policy issues the Steering Committee prepares a proposed position for submission to the General Membership for consideration, modification, and final vote.


Amendment to these guidelines requires a majority vote of the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous . The amendment process requires the reading of said amendment at the various AA Group Meetings of the Lakeside Group of Alcoholics Anonymous for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days in one calendar month.







Group Guidelines were adopted at a Group Conscience meeting August 5, 2021 Subsequent amendments were approved as follows:


1.             Sobriety requirement for chairing any normal meeting: 6 months

2.             Trusted servants shall be reimbursed for mileage and miscellaneous expenses under $100 based on receipts submitted directly to the Treasurer.

3.             Trusted servants shall submit proposed travel budgets when out of town travel is required to perform their elected functions for approval at Group Conscience PRIOR to attending such meetings.  

a.    If this is not possible (last minute meeting or change of venue),  submission to the Chairperson and Treasurer shall be made PRIOR to travel is started.

b.    Reimbursement shall be based on IRS values ($0.56/mile for 2021) and receipt submittal. Mileage shall be verified via printout of a web-based application. (e.g., MapQuest, Google Maps, etc.,) 

c.     Reasonable attempts shall be made to minimize expenses.  Generally, hotels should not exceed $150/night, meals should not exceed $75/day, air fare shall be only for coach travel.

4.             The birthday and supply chairs are authorized to spend up to $100 without prior approval for needed supplies.  Reimbursement shall be based on the submission of receipts.  Extraordinary purchase requests shall be submitted for Group Conscience approval.

5.             Funeral flowers for members, their spouses, parents or children may be purchased by the Treasurer (or designee) with approval of 7 Trusted servants or 50% of filled positions, whichever is less.  The limit, without prior Group Conscience approval, shall be $75.


Group Guidelines dated prior to Month Date, Year, are rescinded.

‘people’ to be considered at next Group Conscience.

These three replace the service coordinator position

These three replace the service coordinator position

These three replace the service coordinator position

Do we have a steering committee??

 [MC6]Our treasurer says it is $4000.  I've also been told it is $1000.  Which is it?  Based on GSO guidelines, we should be at $4500, but $4000 is close enough.  $1000 is clearly insufficient based on our rent.

Do we need to reinstate this since we changed our percentages during the pandemic??